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No.03,Guangfeng Industrial Area,Xiaolan Town, 528415,Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province,China
TEL: +86-760-85313852
Fax: +86-760-85316335
Email: jasmine@eraah.com
web: http://www.jishilvshi.com

Era Architectural Hardware Co., Ltd. 
Era A.H. located in Xiaolan Town,China Famous Hardware Products Base, is specialized in door, window and Furniture Hardwares, such as sliding roller fittings, AL profiles, Handle, door stopper and other relevant accessories...
We mainly provide Residential decorative hardwares in our our 5000SQM workshop, Monthly capacity is 0,6million sets of roller fittings, In quality, ANSI, CE standard are met and well accepted by our...
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